Some customers have asked for a sling for the High Tower Armory 90/22 rifle kit that can be adjusted on the fly. We've answered that request with our 90/22 Quick-Adjust sling.  It mounts to the 90/22 stock exactly like the Crusader Gear 90/22 Convertible Sling, only we've added a cam buckle so that the length can be adjusted smaller by pulling the D-ring on the end of the webbing, or larger by pulling the knotted paracord.

But that's not all...  This is a truly multi-platform sling!  You can remove the sling and mount it on your AR-15 / M4 rifle, or any other rifle with the appropriate hardware (not included--although the front mounting assembly can be used on any collapsable AR-15 / M4 stock with a 1" sling slot, then simply attach the sling HK snap hook(s) to the D-ring).

Crusader Gear's 90/22 Quick-Adjust sling--a lightweight, multi-rifle, fast-adjusting, affordable sling.  Give it a try!

Note: Rifle not included

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